Setting Up Your Lights To Sell Your House

2 Feb , 2018 Home Improvements

With many dreams, we had built our first house. It was a double-storeyed building on an originally high plot, which was leveled to match the road height. There are so many memories attached to it though we stayed for only a year. My father got a long-term appointment on a foreign assignment and we couldn’t find a suitable person to take care of the house for so many years. Owning it and giving it to rent was not an emotional and sensible decision since we knew that the house would be returned with a drastic change after years.

Being new and well-engineered, it was easy to sell the house with considerable profit. The advertisement was put and prospective buyers started to visit. We were in for an unpleasant surprise when we didn’t notice the expected happiness on the face of the visitors. The initial people gave their feedbacks.


What makes its market dark?

Our home was surrounded by neighboring houses which were built on the natural elevation of land, thereby making ours situated like in a pit, though the front side equaled the road height. This made our interiors darker than normal, particularly the ground floor and there was no vibrant atmosphere.

We were so immersed in the engineering marvel of our house that we forgot this angle; the angle of lighting. The usual tubes and bulbs and some fancy lights failed to do the lighting function impressively.

With little time left, we wasted no moment and logged on to to find the ideal lighting ideas for the makeover of our house. We changed lighting layers for every room, starting from without, carporch to washroom and balcony. The lighting systems efficiently switched their roles from reading, dining, working, leisure, resting and partying with dimmers and placements to match our furnishings and other interiors.

Within a week of the makeover, a new family became the proud owners of our house who applauded the smart, lively atmosphere in it.