Koh Samui Villas – A Holiday With A Difference

23 Mar , 2018 Blog,Koh Samui Villas

Once a fishing community, Koh Samui has transformed into a beautiful, bustling tourist location providing everything one wants from a lazy tropical holiday. If you are thinking lush tropical forests, white sands, clear waters, coconut groves then you are thinking of Koh Samui. Thankfully despite all the tourists, the place still retains its old-world charms and natural beauty. What adds to its attraction is the Buddhist community. Not only do you have temples and shrines, but you will find a sense of calm as you descend into this place. It allows you to relax and de-stress completely giving you just what you need on a vacation.

How will it be different from any other holiday?

  • In the early 70’s Koh Samui was quite popular as backpackers’ paradise what with night light parties and beach shacks and their minimalist accommodations. However, in the recent years, there has been an immense transformation in terms of the luxurious hotels and resorts all offering high-quality services to provide you with an ultimate experience.
  • There are quite a few villas in KohSamui that offer private driveways, wall windows that overlook the azure waters of the Gulf of Siam, Jacuzzi’s, private chefs in European styled kitchens and so on.
  • Families that want to hang out together realize that this works very well for all the members of the family. While the men can get a game of golf in, kids can explore some of the water adventure sports which are aplenty on this side of the town, i stayed in this house with beachfront access on Samui. There are nature and waterfalls to explore and if everybody is a game, there are cruises which offer a unique perspective altogether.

All in all, Koh Samui offers something for anybody who wants to relax and have an enjoyable time all on the same vacation. If it is a few days or a couple of months, renting a villa works for everybody.